* Daniel Carrera (daniel.carr...@theingots.org) [090529 09:38]:
>> He (from NZ) stayed at my place (in NL) for a few days before YAPC::EU
>> 2007 (UK) where we gave a presentation about the subject.  The results
>> are in the initial paper page 22-24
> The discussion did not happen on this mailing list? Was it just you and  
> Sam? I was hoping to see the discussion thread (rather than just "this  
> is what we decided").

Two days of personal discussion is more than just an email thread. And
"decided" is too strong: for well-thought reasons it went into the design
this way.  Until someone has a better idea with good arguments.

>> Reading a paper is much less work than following IRC.  When the brain-
>> storm on IRC is over, someone will have to structurize the ideas into
>> pages with comparible size and complexity.
> I'm sorry, but I am not going to read your 30-page paper. Even the  
> Synopses are not that long, and I can be fairly confident that the  
> Synopses are the product of community consensus, so at least I have a  
> good reason to read those.

Do not be blind folded by the formatting.  A PDF of 30 pages with a few
images easily looks larger than a plain text POD file.  For instance,
S02-bits.pod (the first real Synopsis) has 24078 words on 3790 lines.
My plain-text TeX files have 11229 words on 1764... so the whole CPAN6
project is described in less than half the size of one Synopsis chapter.

Synopses where written by Larry, of course after discussions but mainly
based on his great personal design capabilities. And then polished
further and further by the community. I do not see a difference with my
approach... other than that there is not yet a community.

Congratulated in advance with your marriage, next month. Of course, we
can meet at some other moment because you live close-by.  Or you can
join the long list of people who guess that they understand what the
CPAN6 project proposes and comment on that weak assumption.

Anyone interested in a CPAN6 hackathon?

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