Darren Duncan wrote:
Because we need things to work effectively in the general case where what was originally a single module Foo with one name becomes forked with each creator (authority) going off in their own direction, or alternately the creator makes incompatible changes, and then later someone's project Bar may have a bunch of dependencies A and B where A depends on one version of Foo and B depends on an incompatible version of Foo; then both versions of Foo need to work together. And that's just one reason to have this support. -- Darren Duncan

Yeah. At the time I wrote that I hadn't yet read S11. The new CPAN needs to handle all the metadata in S11.

use Whiteness:from<perl5 Acme::Bleach 1.12 cpan:DCONWAY>;

So we have to give some thought to how the modules are going to be stored in the system.


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