On Fri, 29 May 2009, Daniel Ruoso wrote:

So, I'd expect to have a Debian archive, in the Debian case, hosted by
the Debian Perl group (which packages about ~ 500 CPAN modules to Debian
today) with the binary packages targetting each of the Debian

The same would go for RedHat and other linux distros, while for the
Win32 world, we would have something in the lines of what ActiveState
already does...

But, I insist, CPAN should only store the source packages and the source
metadata should only describe what are the sources, and not how to
compile and install them...

Nononono. Some of this is what I'm trying to get away from. I semi-regularly want to use packages that have never been RPM-ed by anyone, or at least not a recent version. I want an auto-building tool. I could live without CPAN-or-whatever having the binaries stored in a public place, but I want to be able to auto-generate an RPM from and CPAN package.

I hope we can work out a sensible solution that keeps us all happy. I'm following the discussions of DanielC and MarkOv with interest.

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