On Thursday 28 May 2009 4:04:28 pm Daniel Carrera wrote:
> * We were mainly looking at Alien as a source of Perl code we could borrow.
Ah, I was lumping it in with the previous proposals to actually use .deb as 
the official P6 package format. My mistake.

> * The point of wayland76's proposal was to use the local package
> manager. Whether the local package manager is geared toward binary
> distributions is a separate issue.
Again, my point on the issue of supporting binary/source distros was that 
wayland76's proposal /would/ be able to handle it properly; the '.deb as 
official' method would not.

> At first I liked wayland76's proposal, but now I have a new concern:
> Most package managers are not designed to hold multiple versions of the
> same package. As indicated in S11, it is important that a computer can
> hold multiple versions of the same package. I fear that using the native
> package manager will make this difficult.
This could probably be resolved, but it would probably require distro-specific 
code. On Gentoo, the way to do it would be with 'slots', which are 
specifically designed for that use; on Debian, it would seem that the names 
would have to be distinguished by an identifier, allowing multiple versions.

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