Wayland wrote:
Allow me to point something out. He wants to write a freely available software package that can share data, and is useful for the Perl6 environment. He's not suggesting that we have holiday photos on CPAN-the-network,

I'm not sure about that. We were talking about what things to include in CPAN-the-network (the new hypothetical p2p one where mirrors can choose what they want to mirror). I say that we could possibly permit compiled Perl module binaries or Ruby modules that run on Parrot. Mark says "why stop there? why not share holiday pictures?".

simply that the software not care whether the data inside it is a package or not, just whether it has metadata. If you don't like the "holiday photos" examples, just skim over them :). It's only 5 or so words to skip :).

It is not just 5 words to skip if those 5 words are the main point of his email (words are not created equal :) ).


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