* Andrew Whitworth (wknight8...@gmail.com) [090530 00:24]:
> I agree. Doing one thing well is so much better for everybody then
> doing a million things poorly. An assorted "blob of data" repository
> is far less valuable to the Perl5, Perl6, and Parrot communities then
> a dedicated library repository is.

Why?  Ever heart of extensible meta-data.  Can be done in two ways.
The idea is tha, on the three levels of implementation (see recent
email in other thread), you have some meta-data.

  1  On the CPAN6 level (transport layer) you have uniqueness
     information: give the release a name:
       . source archive URI or target name
       . product or package name
       . version
     and some standard data, like size and data of upload.

  2  On the Pause6 level, you have adminstrative facts:
       . validation
       . access
       . searching, etc

  3  On the application level (install tools etc) You may also need
     some facts.

So: the core of the CPAN6 design is meta-data which accompany blocks.
But I do not say that the Pause6 administration only accepts meta-data
for level 1 and 2.  It also transports meta-data on level 3.  It does not
UNDERSTAND that meta-data, but it does provide that meta-data. Ignoring
information does not make the archives implementation harder.

The ONLY difference between a "specialized" implementation of an archive
and a flexible one like I propose, is that in the latter you are forced to
clearly assign meta-data facts to one of these three levels. But there is
no limitiation in the amount and content of the meta-data you can collect.

Well, so your worries are unjustified. And the two simple solutions as
I promissed in the first line of my comment:
  1  Add three seperate meta-data fragments to one blob
  2  Create one meta-data file which contains all three components.
As simple as that.


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