John Macdonald wrote:
Comprehensive Programming Archive Network.

Another problem with "Programming" is that it assumes that other languages will actually use the system. We don't know that currently and it is a bit presumptions to assume that they will. It would look awkward if only Perl used the Comprehensive Programming Archive Network.

I think it's better to pick a name that doesn't assume very much in either direction and just see what happens.

Btw, if we do go ahead with this "meta CPAN" idea, it'll be important to divide the network into self-contained groups. Earlier I used the word "target". Alternatively we could say "platform". Example platforms could include:

Perl 5 <-- Perl 5 source code.
Perl 6 <-- Perl 6 source code.
Parrot <-- Parrot assembly.
Lua    <-- Lua source code.
Nokia.bin <-- Compiled binary for the Nokia handheld.
Elf-ia64  <-- Compiled binary in ELF format for the IA64 architecture.

You get the idea...  Mirrors pick which platforms they'll hold.

Then we can say that if anyone wants to add a platform to CPAN, they have to find people willing to maintain it. In other words, the Perl guys will only maintain the Perl platforms. But the Lua guys are welcome to get people together and administer a Lua platform on CPAN.

Just some ideas...


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