John Macdonald wrote:
On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 07:26:11PM +0200, Daniel Carrera wrote:
Btw, if the majority wants to start uploading Ruby, Python and Lua modules to CPAN, we can rename CPAN so that the P stands for something else that doesn't mean anything. "Comprehensive Peacock Archive Network"? "Comprehensive Platypus Archive Network"?

Comprehensive Programming Archive Network.

I thought of that, but it sounded very broad to me (e.g. assembly language, compiled binaries that can't be used b Perl, etc).

In any case, if most people agree with the general principle of renaming CPAN, we can have a Condorcet vote. Condorcet is a method whereby you rank all the options in order of preference and Condorcet selects the compromise candidate. Unlike the antiquated voting system that most countries use, Condorcet does not suffer from split votes.


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