Mark Overmeer wrote:
And the next consideration: when we have a piece of software which
administers Perl5 or Perl6 or Nokia.bin or Elf.  Why stop there?
What is the overlap?  It is basically all just some blob of data with
some associated meta-data to search and retreive the blobs.  It is only
the client side install tool which looks into the content of the package.
Why not allow pure pod releases?  A small step to documents in any other
format.  Why not share holiday pictures?  Also just a blob of data with
some meta-data.

Your idea of using CPAN to share holiday pictures is one of the things that really turned me off from your CPAN6 proposal. I do want this to be about Perl, you don't, and that's a point where we differ. In my examples, Nokia.bin is so that mobile users don't have to compile software on their tiny CPUs. I can see merit in adding Ruby modules because in a new Parrot world, there is real opportunity for Perl and Ruby to share libraries with each other (e.g. Perl on Rails). But when you start talking about sharing holiday pictures, you have completely left the Perl realm and I am completely turned off.


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