* Moritz Lenz (mor...@faui2k3.org) [151014 09:54]:
> In Practice, there's a small number of people who try to update modules to
> match when the compiler changed. Most module authors don't hang out in
> #perl6, eager to update their modules to the lastest rakudo change.

With the relatively small number of P6 modules out there, and the enormous
impact on the number of bug-reports we will see once Perl6 is out, it may
be useful to pull everything "in", into a central archive where a number
of people can change everything.  Of course, it is not an ideal situation.
There are no ideal solutions.

Like it is done in the Linux kernel: once your driver gets accepted,
any change in core which affects the driver will be corrected by the one
who caused the change.  We need that ability for Perl6 syntax, I think.


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