Thomas Wittek wrote:

>> Noone other than Mediawiki uses the Mediawiki syntax. I posit
>> that the reason is that that syntax blows chunks.
> I have to agree. '''''bold and italic''''' is definitely not what I
> understand as an intuitive syntax.
Hi everyone, 

I'd like to mention that the mediawiki syntax is mainly borrowed from
UseModWiki, which is written in Perl and quite easy to use. I do drive my
own homepage with it ( - and sorry for all the
nasty German on it ;)) and are quite content with it, apart from some small
minor annoyances. The version I use is a patched one with some patches from
myself, it does:

* not care whether people prefer CamelCase or [[Free Links]], because you
can configure it
* execute <perl></perl> tags
* Include files (containing UseModWiki syntax: for enhancing
* InterWiki-Links
* diff stuff and revision control plus rollback

It is far from being perfect, but it implements some interesting ideas.
Still I found it - using it not as wiki but as mini-CMS for my homepage -
being constricting at some points.

> I did some work on designing an easy wiki syntax for a wiki plugin for
> my (yet another...)[1] webdev framework. I looked at the syntax of
> several wikis and tried to create an easy to write (and to parse)
> syntax:

So there came another idea to my mind which I thought you might want to
consider for a possible perl6-wiki that might push advocacy?!

Why not doing a wiki system that does NOT have a fix syntax but rather
allows defining its syntax rules in e.g. YAML and thus being entirely
It could be distributed with a default set of rules reflecting the
UseMod/MediaWiki/Markdown syntax, but any versatile computer user could
just as easyly define another ruleset, maybe even for just a subset of
pages (e.g. a code related section where you need less common formatting
stuff and more highlighting).

It should have a proper user/groups system as well...

Another idea was formed by the problem of page renaming, typo correction,
etc., etc.

Why not give the wiki a web service API for being easily able to create bots
without being forced to use libcurl or that kind of thing? Then you could
be able to create whole sections on your website that are automatically
updated, following your rules. (And no, I would not use XML for the
webservice API, rather YAML, because it has a much better data/user data

> This actually has been implemented and works fine. It's not released yet
> and also not intended to be a base for a perl6-wiki. I'm just posting it
> to suggest a possible syntax. Interestingly it is very similar to
> Markdown although I never heard about it before :)
> Regards,
> -Thomas
> [1]: I believe everyone has to build one on its own ;)

I can share this believe ;)


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