>>>> I don't know if that's a good idea - sadly many of them have the
>>>> perception that Perl 6 is vapour ware.
>>> I guess I have more trust in people than you do. :)
>> ... and I just learned that my opions are biased.
>> Last week I visited the German Perl Workshop, and heard many Perl 6
>> critical statements.
>> Now I learned that in general the Germans are rather biased against Perl
>> 6, while other parts of the community are much more open.
> I was there at the workshop too. You cannot count me in into being biased
> against Perl 6. Only biased that it takes so long :-).

I know, and there were some others (like Herbert aka lichtkind, who writes
and maintains the German Perl 6 wiki pages) with the same opinions.

But the general atmosphere there was rather anti Perl 6, and the recent
discussions on the wsinfo mailing lists show that all too clearly.


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