The number of modules available to proto has grown considerably.

I am not aware that there is a convenient way of obtaining a short description about each module, other than just the name?

In order to make the perl6 internet-wide environment useful, there needs to be some form of directory information.

I think its an excellent idea that modules are held in a distributed manner - git seems to be the preferred system at present - rather than having a centralised depository. But this means that there needs to be a central registory and some minimum documentation/metadata standards.

proto already has a list of modules and their locations.

Would it be possible to require that any module listed in the proto list should also have a file METADATA in the root directory of the module's depository? This file should contain (in pod format??) a minimum number of sections, eg.,

proto inclusion already requires a dependency file, and /t and /lib directories are provided for.

If all modules conform to a minimum metadata standard, then it would be possible to write tools that access the proto projects.list, then access each project and extract the metadata, dependency checking, absence/presence of tests.

The user can then decide which modules to download with proto.

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