On Fri, 2010-30-07 at 16:08 +0400, Richard Hainsworth wrote:
> All I am suggesting is that the directories containing modules also 
> contain a METADATA file with some standard items, and that this
> metadata 
> is required for a module that is registered. Even if there is a CPAN 
> system, the metadata would still be needed, so there is no extra work 
> for developers.

I'd like a better cpan ... i don't know exactly what that is but ...

 1. I tend to discover good modules by accident.
 2. I don't like huge lists of dependencies.
 3. I found that the 'cpan' command caches index files
which are easy to search with 'grep' -- at least for module names

So it would nice if the METADATA format were incrementally downloadable.

It might be nice if CPAN were segmented so partial mirrors were useful
as long as the METADATA is complete on each mirror.  A peer-to-peer
network would be interesting ...

As everyone is using github now perhaps using git as the storage format
would be better than tar ... 


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