On Sun, Jan 02, 2011 at 06:25:18PM +0100, Jan Ingvoldstad wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 18:05, Guy Hulbert <gwhulb...@eol.ca> wrote:
>     On Sun, 2011-02-01 at 10:27 -0600, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
>     >   - What was the first production release of Linux?
>     >   - At what point was each of the above declared a "production
>     > release";
>     >     was it concurrent with the release, or some time afterwards?
>     Linus declared what his goals for 1.0 were and started a 0.9x series.
>   and so on.
> While this meta discussion is all very nice, I don't really see what it has to
> do with the questionnaire.
> Gabor didn't ask us to discuss the answers to the questions, he asked us to
> come up with more questions that we would like to see answered.

In order to put together a worthwhile survey, I think some "meta-discussions" 
about the questons/answers we're likely to encounter are important.  I also
think the existence of a survey itself is likely to re-open a variety of 
otherwise dormant Perl 6 discussions and threads (as it already has), so we 
should be cognizant of that potential impact.

Still, if others feel that the "production release" meta-discussion is too 
far off-topic for consideration in the questionnaire, I'll let it drop here 
and perhaps reintroduce it under another thread.


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