On Sun, 2011-02-01 at 18:45 +0100, Jan Ingvoldstad wrote:
> You guys stopped discussing the questionnaire a LONG time before PM
> answered. There has hardly been a handful of helpful posts.

That's what I said and that was my first post.

> Getting back on topic, I, for one, would like to know how many people
> have heard about Perl 6, and to what extent. I would like to know
> whether they use it or not, and to what extent (already covered in
> some of the suggestions), and I would like to know whether people like
> what they see or not, and to which extent. 

Many people seem to be proposing questions which ask people's opinions
of things which are factual and can be answered readily by reading the

For example, your question can be partly answered by looking at the
rakudo download page.  There were about 3000 downloads of the July
release (I was one) and since then there have been less than 1000 (not
me) per month.

Personally, I have decided to finally make a commitment to writing a
perl6 app.  This is not entirely due to the state of rakudo.  The
biggest influence on my decision was the posting of the example of a
class which implements a rolled dice.

I've been interested in parrot and perl6 ever since they were announced
but I don't have a lot of time or expertise to contribute.  So I
subscribed to this mailing list when I was finally convinced that perl6
was going to really happen.


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