On Sun, 2011-02-01 at 20:10 +0100, Jan Ingvoldstad wrote:
> It does not, however, answer any of the question_s_ I wanted asked, and
> which others have wanted asked, not even partially.

I haven't seen any such requests from you on this thread.  Is this
discussion happening elsewhere as well ?

> But with careful phrasing - something I've been sloppy with in this thread,
> I'm sorry to say - then you can (probably) get the information you want. 

It seems to me "the information you want" is up to Gabor, who started
this thread.  I'm looking back at his posts:

I am preparing a survey of the Perl Ecosystem which will take the TPF
survey and extend it.

I'm not sure what 'TPF survey' is.  Gabor has a URL:

in his original post, which was omitted from his follow-ups.

There are 3 more ideas here:

The question of an official release arose here:

Apart from the 'TPF survey'.  The main thrust seems to be:

 a) How to get people to use perl6.
 b) How to get people to help develop it.

Seems to be a chicken and egg problem.  I am about to start on (a) and
if I get anywhere, I will try to work on (b).  So (a) seems to be more
important.  I'm going to shut-up and look at the 'ecosystem' link now
and perhaps see if I can figure out what 'TPF survey' means.

BTW, one other thing that interested me is that padre supports perl6 and
can be got running on windows fairly easily now.  My IDE is 'emacs' but
that does not help much with perl on windows ... so padre might be a
boost to perl6 adoption, if we believe that an important target for
perl6 is perl5 developers.  Yes, I know that Gabor is responsible for
padre so tia.


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