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> I think it largely depends on who do you ask and I believe there will
> be a huge gap between private people and company people. Or between
> people who are involved in open source development and in-house developers.

I don't see the open source vs in-house point you are trying to make,
but I still agree with the general point that "production" partly
depends who you ask and what they need it for. For example, I expect
that most companies would tolerate more bugs in a program for internal
use than in a program intended for paying customers.

That said, I tried to give a vague notion in my earlier post.
"Production" means that the developers have given me some sort of
verbal assurance that the product is reasonably stable and can be
relied on to reasonably work as documented.

> Some kind of an official blessing is needed by most of us. This can
> be Larry for Perl or Patrick for Rakudo or having it
> "supplied by our vendor" (e.g. Ubuntu, Red Hat or ActiveState).

Yeah, something like that.

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