On Wed, 2011-05-01 at 13:15 -0500, Guy Hulbert wrote:
> > Getting benchmarking will be interesting.
> I hope I have time.  I'm planning to compile and run one C and one
> perl
> program today and see if the outputs are the same (that's my
> understanding, so far, of the requirements for alioth).

This is going to be interesting.  So far I've tried two of the programs
but in neither case would the C version compile on my system (debian
etch) so I had to use python.

So I can run 'pidigits' in perl and python but both use the GNU GMP
library so I had to install the C library and then modules for each of
python and perl.  However,  it's not clear to me what is really being
bench-marked if GMP is doing all the work in each case.

Oh well.

So far I've just written a perl script to save pages by language and
program name from shootout.alioth.debian.org.  However, the HTML is all
munged so I had to cut-and-paste the code into files from the browser.
I will try to see if there's any more sane way to do this but I think I
have to join the shootout project to post on their forum since they
no longer have an email list.


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