On 11-Jan-04, at 7:17 AM, AmirBehzad Eslami wrote:

If I don't like to use U+066C (because of Web-Usability reasons),
Is there an alternative for me? May I use the 'Reh' until most of users have
standard systems?

May I jump in?
I think the responsibility of moving users to standard system is on you - among others - to push people to use fonts and system that fully support Farsi characters.
And I really don't understand what stops them. Roozbeh in an interview mentioned that users in Iran don't even spend money for their softwares because Iran didn't sign the copyright treaty. In other places people are reluctant to upgrade because it costs money and sometimes a lot of money. But I don't understand what stops users in Iran to use fonts and softwares that support properly their own language!
I'm not condoning lack of copyright protection, far from it. But I merely mentioned a fact of life in Iran, and considering this reality, things are not improving as fast as they should.


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