On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 22:10, Ali A. Khanban wrote:
> I know it is kind of personal preferences, but I was wondering whether a 
> right-faced comma-shaped character is suitable for the thousand 
> separator. I read from right to left when I see such glyph. Because 
> numbers are written and read from left to right, maybe a 180 rotation to 
> this character makes it more suitable.

All the old references that mention the character use the same glyph
that we are currently using in the fonts, that is an upraised
Persian/Arabic comma. A few are:

* ISIRI 820:1973 Character Arrangement on Keyboards of Persian
* M. S. Adib-Soltani, A Guide to Book Preparation, Third Edition,
  Elmi-Farhanfi, 2002, ISBN 964-445-336-0.

The first has drawn it by hand, and the second has gone through troubles
to make it appear like that in print.

"ISIRI 3342:1993 Farsi 8-bit Coded Character Set for Information
Interchage" uses a normal European comma for that, which almost no one

The Persian Academy is of course starting a project to decide on such
matters (and also things like the roundness of guillemets), and a few
members have already recieved our fonts. We will change the fonts if
they recommended otherwise.


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