Just to add some info about the French system :

Among the common differences you see in primary
school mathematics are the long division notation. e.g. In English
it's written as shown in
<http://www.mathsisfun.com/long_division2.html>. In french it's:

           14523 | 34
             92  |------
             243 | 427
               5 |

Yes, surprisingly the long division notation in the French is really "bizarre"!

I don't know the difference with Arabic either. But what I notice
relative to English is that the limit sign is stretching. And I
wonder if other common operators are the same. How about sine
and cosine? Are they always written 'sin' and 'cos'. Are there local
variations? (e.g. in French, 'tan' is written 'tg')

When I was studying at high school here in France, I had never seen "tg" in the books or on the board. As Roozbeh said, it seems to be the old form used in the French educational system which is obsolete now.


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