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> Yes, surprisingly the long division notation in the French is really 
> "bizarre"!

yes :-) But as long as it's used anywhere in the world, then MathML
ought to support it. There are more schoolkids learning mathematics
using a possibly bizzarre notation than there are researchers using
the "standard" one.

> When I was studying at high school here in France, I had never seen
> "tg" in
> the books or on the board. As Roozbeh said, it seems to be the old
> form used
> in the French educational system which is obsolete now.

So I guess I'm giving away my age saying I used tg when I was at
school...  It's true that I don't really know if schoolkids in France
still use the old long division notation (I suspect they do), or if
students still use tg for tangent.  But again, we don't want to
discard it if it's still in use somewhere.  IMO, it should indeed be
made obsolete, but then should we just say MathML is only supporting
the one world-wide mathematical notation? That seems to go against
internationalisation principles.


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