Mohsen wrote:
> Please use MySQL 4.1 or higher.

Dear Mohsen,

Nice to e-meet(!) you here, at PersianComputing mailing list!

Thanks for your advice.
I just heared the same message from MySQL geeks at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I already know that MySQL 4.1 supports Unicode[1], and I can install and use it on my own computer. So, why I'm bothering you here?

Here's the problem: - my prefered company for web hosting - have not installed MySQL 4.1 yet. They still use MySQL 4.0.2 and they won't install MySQL 4.1 :-(

What Can I Do Now?
1) To find a "MySQL 4.0-Friendly" method to perform quick searches. That's why I'm here, asking people to help me.

2) Find another Web Hosting Company with PHP and MySQL 4.1 support.

Would you (or anyone else in the list) recommend a reliable Web Hosting Company with such services?!

Thanks in advance,


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