Dear Ehsan,
You suggested a creative solution. Thank you.

My application, consists of a database, and two user-interfaces.

The first UI is used for data entry,
where I parse a given XML file, extract and "Romanize" its
data - based on a "Persian-Roman Conversion Map" -
and then insert them into DB.
Luckily, PHP provides a very fast function for
such conversions, named strtr().

Now I have a "Roman DB".

The second UI is used for data retrieval (searching),
where I "Romanize" the given search argument,
and look for it trough the DB records. The results will be
decoded and converted to Persian, before sending to stdout.
I've actually implemented this approach in a project.  I have not yet published the code, but if you want, I can make it available under the GPL.
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