One solution would be to augment a DB capability
at the application level. That is instead of the search
or select qualified by a SQL where clause, simply get
everything (select *) and then let the application filter
what you want. Then when your given DB provides
that operation by itself, simplify your application
and deligate that to DB (Query Engine).

I'm not sure about PHP support of unicode, but I know
Perl is pretty strong on Regular Expressions with
support for Unicode as well...


On 11/24/05, Behnam Esfahbod <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
AmirBehzad Eslami wrote:
> 2) Find another Web Hosting Company with PHP and MySQL 4.1 support.
> Would you (or anyone else in the list) recommend a reliable Web Hosting
> Company with such services?!

You may like to see  It's been our web hosting for 2
years now.

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