One solution would be to augment a DB capability
at the application level. That is instead of the search
or select qualified by a SQL where clause, simply get
everything (select *) and then let the application filter
what you want. Then when your given DB provides
that operation by itself, simplify your application
and deligate that to DB (Query Engine).
Another solution is make the db believe your text is English.  This could be done by "romanizing" the text before inserting it to the db, and converting it back to Unicode after reading it from the db and before displaying it to the user.  This can be done by choosing a Roman letter for each Persian letter, and reading Persian characters one by one and looking them up in a conversion table and writing the equivalent Roman characters to the output.  However, this has the downside that IIRC MySQL's full-text search is case-insensitive, and if I'm right in that you'd have to choose Roman characters all from one case (upper or lower.)  In addition to that, the data stored in the db might be difficult/impossible to use without such a conversion.  It's you who should judge the tradeoffs before choosing to use this method or not.
For some good romanizing scripts, check out
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