r...@bb-c.de (Rainer J.H. Brandt) writes:
> This 32/64 business isn't the problem, though.

> I've found out that everything works if I type the configure/make commands
> in my shell (which isn't what I said before, sorry about that), but stops
> working if I put them into a Perl script (which is how I automate things
> across OSes).

Ooooh, that's interesting ...

> The weird thing is that the commands are absolutely the same,
> and environment is the same, too.

I bet not.  We've seen problems with macOS unexpectedly deciding to
filter away inherited environment variables in some situations.
It might be useful to put "env >somefile" into the PG makefile and
compare results between the two ways of invoking it.

                        regards, tom lane

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