Hello everybody,

I have found my mistake.  I apologize for not telling the whole truth
about my build process.  The answer is what it had to be:  There was one
step I had forgotten about:  My build script stripped all binaries, i.e.
it ran /usr/bin/strip on all of them.

That's especially embarrasing because you had already asked whether I had
'somehow enabled a link-time optimization to remove "unreferenced" symbols'.

I've grown up during times when disk space was precious, and it seems that
I have to reconsider all my old habits.  It's interesting that it's the
first time after building hundreds of software packages on many different
systems over many years, that I have broken something by using strip.  It
still doesn't cause trouble on the other OSes that I use, but maybe I'm
going to abandon it.

Thank you for your patience.
Regards, Rainer
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