r...@bb-c.de (Rainer J.H. Brandt) writes:
> I have found my mistake.  I apologize for not telling the whole truth
> about my build process.  The answer is what it had to be:  There was one
> step I had forgotten about:  My build script stripped all binaries, i.e.
> it ran /usr/bin/strip on all of them.

Hah ... so then there wasn't anything specific to
check_encoding_conversion_args, that just happened to be the first symbol
the dynamic linker tried to look up.

I see that Apple's version of strip(1) has an option to supply a file
listing symbols to be kept.  So if we had an authoritative list of the
symbols meant to be exported from core Postgres to extensions, you could
use that to filter out unnecessary symbols.  Unfortunately, no such
list has ever been prepared :-(

                        regards, tom lane

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