r...@bb-c.de (Rainer J.H. Brandt) writes:
> Tom Lane writes:
>> I bet not.  We've seen problems with macOS unexpectedly deciding to
>> filter away inherited environment variables in some situations.
>> It might be useful to put "env >somefile" into the PG makefile and
>> compare results between the two ways of invoking it.

> Between the configure and make steps, I put it into the top level
> GNUmakefile.  Here's the diff:
> 18c18
> < PWD=/private/tmp/buildbot.9365/postgresql-9.6.3
> ---
> > PWD=/tmp/w/postgresql-9.6.3
> 21c21
> < SHLVL=3
> ---
> > SHLVL=2
> This subshell level isn't relevant, or is it?

No, probably not --- so that theory seems like a failure.

> Here's the full output of the manual version:

Hmmm ...

> SHELL=/bin/tcsh

Mine's bash ... I wonder whether that could make a difference here?
I'm pretty sure the PG makefiles aren't set up for csh syntax.
But I can't see how that would make it work in the manual case
and not when going through Perl.

                        regards, tom lane

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