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> Attached is my reorganization of Ants's patch here:
> http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CA
> +CSw_vinyf-w45i=M1m__MpJZY=e8s4nt_knnpebtwjtoa...@mail.gmail.com

Thanks for your help. Some notes below.

> My changes:
> * wrest the core FNV algorithm from the specific concerns of a data page
>    - PageCalcChecksum16 mixes the block number, reduces to 16 bits,
>      and avoids the pd_checksum field
>    - the checksum algorithm is just a pure block checksum with a 32-bit
>      result
> * moved the FNV checksum into a separate file, checksum.c

I think the function should not be called checksum_fnv as it implies that
we use the well known straightforward implementation. Maybe checksum_block
or some other generic name.

> * added Ants's suggested compilation flags for better optimization

-msse4.1 is not safe to use in default builds. On the other hand it doesn't
hurt to just specify it in CFLAGS for the whole compile (possibly as
-march=native). We should just omit it and mention somewhere that SSE4.1
enabled builds will have better checksum performance.

> * slight update to the paragraph in the README that discusses concerns
> specific to a data page
> I do have a couple questions/concerns about Ants's patch though:
> * The README mentions a slight bias; does that come from the mod
> (2^16-1)? That's how I updated the README, so I wanted to make sure.


> * How was the FNV_PRIME chosen?

I still haven't found the actual source for this value. It's specified as
the value to use for 32bit FNV-1a.

> * I can't match the individual algorithm step as described in the README
> to the actual code. And the comments in the README don't make it clear
> enough which one is right (or maybe they both are, and I'm just tired).

I will try to reword.

> The README says:
>    hash = (hash ^ value) * ((hash ^ value) >> 3)
> (which is obviously missing the FNV_PRIME factor) and the code says:
>    +#define CHECKSUM_COMP(checksum, value) do {\
>    +       uint32 __tmp = (checksum) ^ (value);\
>    +       (checksum) = __tmp * FNV_PRIME ^ (__tmp >> 3);\
>    +} while (0)
> I'm somewhat on the fence about the "shift right". It was discussed in
> this part of the thread:
> I think we should be able to state with a little more clarity in the
> README why there is a problem with plain FNV-1a, and why this
> modification is both effective and safe.

Florian already mentioned why it's effective. I have an intuition why it's
safe, will try to come up with a well reasoned argument.

Antd Aasma

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