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> > I work with some customer that have databases with a lot of schemas and
> > sometimes we need to run manual VACUUM in one schema, and would be nice
> > have a new option to run vacuum in relations from a specific schema.
> I'm pretty skeptical of this alleged use-case.  Manual vacuuming ought
> to be mostly a thing of the past, and even if it's not, hitting
> *everything* in a schema should seldom be an appropriate thing to do.

I agree manual vacuum is a thing of the past, but autovacuum doesn't solve
100% of the cases, and sometimes we need to use it so my proposal is just
do help DBAs and/or Sysadmins to write simple maintenance scripts.

> While the feature itself might be fairly innocuous, I'm just wondering
> why we need to encourage manual vacuuming.

IMHO we will not encourage manual vacuuming, just give more flexibility to

> And why that, but not
> say schema-wide ANALYZE, CLUSTER, TRUNCATE, ...

+1. I can write patches for each of this maintenance statement too.


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