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> On 12/21/14, 8:55 PM, Fabrízio de Royes Mello wrote:
>>           > And why that, but not
>>           > say schema-wide ANALYZE, CLUSTER, TRUNCATE, ...
>>           >
>>         +1. I can write patches for each of this maintenance statement
>>     If we're going to go that route, then perhaps it would make more
sense to create a command that allows you to apply a second command to
every object in a schema. We would have to be careful about
PreventTransactionChain commands.
>>   Sorry but I don't understand what you meant. Can you explain more
about your idea?
> There's a very large number of commands that could be useful to execute
on every object in a schema. (RE)INDEX, CLUSTER, ALTER come to mind besides

ANALYZE too...

> Right now a lot of people just work around this with things like DO
blocks, but as mentioned elsewhere in the thread that fails for commands
that can't be in a transaction.

I use "dblink" to solve it. :-)


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