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> > * BACKUP - allows role to perform backup operations
> > * LOGROTATE - allows role to rotate log files
> > * MONITOR - allows role to view pg_stat_* details
> > * PROCSIGNAL - allows role to signal backend processes
> How about just "SIGNAL" instead of "PROCSIGNAL"?


> Generally, I think we'll be happier if these capabilities have names
> that are actual words - or combinations of words - rather than partial
> words, so I'd suggest avoiding things like PROC for PROCESS and AUTH


> In this particular case, it seems like the name of the capability is
> based off the name of an internal system data structure.  That's the
> sort of thing that we do not want to expose to users.  As far as we
> can, we should try to describe what the capability allows, not the
> details of how that is (currently) implemented.


If others are also in agreement on this point then I'll update the patch


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