> I'm slightly mystified as to how including the word "online" helps
> here.  It's unlikely that there will be an offline_backup permission,
> because if the system is off-line, SQL-level permissions are
> irrelevant.

After re-reading through this thread is seems like EXCLUSIVEBACKUP
(proposed by Magnus) seemed to be a potentially acceptable alternative.

Relevant post:
We need to separate the logical backups (pg_dump) from the physical ones
(start/stop+filesystem and pg_basebackup). We might also need to separate
the two different ways of doing physical backups.

Personalyl I think using the DUMP name makes that a lot more clear. Maybe
we need to avoid using BACKUP alone as well, to make sure it doesn't go the
other way - using BASEBACKUP and EXCLUSIVEBACKUP for those two different
ones perhaps?

Relevant post:
I think I'm coming around to the EXCLUSIVEBACKUP option, per the
discussion with Magnus.  I don't particularly like LOGBACKUP and don't
think it really makes sense, while PHYSBACKUP seems like it'd cover what
REPLICATION already does.



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