Adam, all,

* Adam Brightwell ( wrote:
> After re-reading through this thread is seems like EXCLUSIVEBACKUP
> (proposed by Magnus) seemed to be a potentially acceptable alternative.

I just chatted a bit on IRC w/ Magnus about this and I'm on-board with
his proposal to use EXCLUSIVEBACKUP, but there's a couple additional
things which need doing as part of that:

We need to actually define what an 'exclusive backup' is in the
documentation- it's not there today.

pg_start_backup/pg_stop_backup docs should be updated to refer to those
operations as relating to "on-line exclusive backup," same as
pg_is_in_backup() and pg_backup_start_time() do.

The docs for the EXCLUSIVEBACKUP attribute should, of course, refer to
where EXCLUSIVE BACKUP is defined.

Hopefully that wraps up the last of the debate around the naming of
these options and we can move forward, once the patch is updated to
reflect this and docs are written.  Would be great to hear from anyone
who feels otherwise.

Regarding the pg_dump/read-only/etc discussion- that wasn't intended to
be part of this and I continue to feel it'd be best addressed on a new
thread specifically for that.  Once we have this initial round of role
attribute additions settled, I'd be more than happy to support that
discussion and see what we can do to provide such a role.



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