On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 6:03 PM, Adam Brightwell
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> * ONLINE_BACKUP - allows role to perform backup operations
>   - originally proposed as BACKUP - due to concern for the use of that term
> in relation to other potential backup related permissions this form is in
> line with the documentation as it describes the affected backup operations
> as being 'online backups'.
>   - applies only to the originally proposed backup functions.

I'm slightly mystified as to how including the word "online" helps
here.  It's unlikely that there will be an offline_backup permission,
because if the system is off-line, SQL-level permissions are

> * LOG - allows role to rotate log files - remains broad enough to consider
> future log related operations

Maybe LOGFILE?  Only because some confusion with the LOG message level
seems possible; or confusion about whether this is a permission that
lets you log things.

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