On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 6:55 AM, Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de> wrote:
> On 2015-10-06 06:42:17 -0700, Paul Ramsey wrote:
>> *sigh*, no you’re not missing anything. In moving to the cache and
>> marking things just as “shippable” I’ve lost the test that ensures
>> they are shippable for this *particular* server (which only happens in
>> the lookup stage). So yeah, the cache will be wrong in cases where
>> different servers have different extension opti ons.
> Should be easy enough to fix - just add the server's oid to the key.
> But I guess you're already on that.

Yep, just a big chastened :)
Thanks for the catch, here's the patch,

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