On 02/02/2016 02:47 AM, José Luis Tallón wrote:
On 02/02/2016 02:05 AM, Curtis Ruck wrote:

P.S., do you know what sucks, having a highly performant PostGIS
database that works great, and being told to move to Oracle or SQL
Server (because they have auditing).  Even though they charge extra
for Geospatial support (seriously?) or when they don't even have
geospatial support (10 years ago).  My customer would prefer to
re-engineer software designed around PostgreSQL and pay the overpriced
licenses, than not have auditing.  I agree that their cost analysis is
probably way off, even 10 years later, my only solution would be to
move to Oracle, SQL Server, a NoSQL solution, or pay EnterpriseDB for
their 2 year old version that doesn't have all the cool/modern jsonb

PostgreSQL has auditing. It is available now, just not in core. Postgis isn't available in core either and it seems to do just fine.


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