On 2/2/16 4:50 PM, Michael Banck wrote:
> We are looking into packaging pgaudit for Debian.
> However, then another question comes up: Should the 2nd Quadrant or the
> Crunchy Data codebase be added to the distribution? Who gets to decide?

For my 2 cents I think that the version I submitted recently is better
for PostgreSQL >= 9.5:


For this version I started with 2ndQuadrant's excellent work then spent
months refactoring, testing and adding additional configuration options.
 In addition a number of reviewers found issues which were fixed and in
general it went through a trial by fire.  This version includes more
comprehensive documentation and extensive regression tests.

However, the original 2ndQuadrant version will happily work with
PostgreSQL 9.3 or 9.4:


> Alternatively, both could be added, but that will likely confuse users.

This sort of confusion is one of the main reasons I pursued inclusion in


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