On 02/02/2016 08:13 AM, Michael Banck wrote:
On Tue, Feb 02, 2016 at 07:24:23AM -0800, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
PostgreSQL has auditing. It is available now, just not in core. Postgis
isn't available in core either and it seems to do just fine.

I don't really buy that argument. For one, PostGIS has a pretty narrow
functional use-case (spatial), while auditing is a horizontal use-case
that could be required for any kind of database usage.

The argument was made specifically for the user because they were using PostGIS.

Second, PostGIS had 10+ (?) years to build a reputation so that people
say "if I have to choose between PostGIS and buying Oracle Spatial, of
course I choose PostGIS", the pgaudit extension does not have that.

True enough but so what? At some point, someone has to use it. Just because it doesn't have 10 years of experience doesn't mean we should shove it into core. Those that need it, will use it. My customers (for example) use what I tell them to use.

Auditing is a pretty security/enterprisey-related thing that could do
with the "officially considered to of the PostgreSQL project standard
and ready for production" rubber-stamp that tends to go along with most
end-user/admin-oriented stuff shipped in the tarball.

Which is exactly why I think .Org needs an official "Extensions" project which would completely eliminate these arguments. A project team explicitly for vetting extensions.

I am aware that
2nd Quadrant, Crunchy Data and EnterpriseDB (different codebase via
PPAS) all support their auditing extensions commercially, so that there
is certainly some form of credibility, but still.

Meh, commercial solutions aren't a consideration here. This is PostgreSQL not EDB or Crunchy.



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