On 2/10/16 1:04 PM, Pavel Stehule wrote:

    BTW, if all that's desired here are session variables for plpgsql, I
    think it makes a lot more sense to start with implementing
    per-function session variables. That's a lot simpler design-wise and
    is something we should have anyway. You don't necessarily want
    session variables to be schema-level. (I realize the other PLs make
    them global, which is even worse, but that's no reason to continue
    that path.)

I am not able to implement SET and GET content in one function
effectively. I believe so static variables can be enough for 50%, but it
is too limited. Postgres cannot to pass and work with references, so
this C design can be too expensive.

You can always accept a boolean that tells you if you're setting or just returning. And there's probably some use cases where you don't even need to expose the variable outside of the function.

Most importantly, since this effects only plpgsql and only individual functions, the design is simple and should be easy to commit in 9.6. I don't have the same confidence with schema variables.
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