On 06/03/16 18:29, MauMau wrote:
> As I said in the previous greeting mail, I'd like to discuss how to 
> expand PostgreSQL ecosystem.  Here, ecosystem means "interoperability" 
> -- the software products and cloud services which use/support 
> PostgreSQL.  If pgsql-advocacy or somewhere else is better for this 
> topic, just tell me so.

For cloud - in particular Openstack (which I am working with ATM), the
biggest thing would be:

- multi-master replication

or failing that:

- self managing single master failover (voting/quorum etc)

so that operators can essentially 'set and forget'. We currently use
Mysql+ Galera (multi master) and Mongodb (self managing single master)
and the convenience and simplicity is just so important (Openstack is a
huge complex collection of services - hand holding of any one service is
pretty much a non starter).



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