On 03/24/2016 06:45 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Tomas Vondra wrote:

+        values[Anum_pg_mv_statistic_stamcv  - 1] = PointerGetDatum(data);

Why the double space (that's actually in several places in several of
the patches).

To align the whole block like this:

    nulls[Anum_pg_mv_statistic_stadeps  -1] = true;
    nulls[Anum_pg_mv_statistic_stamcv   -1] = true;
    nulls[Anum_pg_mv_statistic_stahist  -1] = true;
    nulls[Anum_pg_mv_statistic_standist -1] = true;

But I won't fight for this too hard, if it breaks rules somehow.

Yeah, it will be undone by pgindent.  I suggest you pgindent all the
patches in the series.  With some clever patch vs. patch -R application,
you can do it without having to resolve any conflicts when pgindent
modifies code that a patch further up in the series modifies again.

I could do that, but isn't that a bit pointless? I thought pgindent is run regularly on the whole codebase, not for individual patches. Sure, it'll tweak the formatting on a few places in the patch (including the code discussed above, as you pointed out), but there are many other such places coming from other committed patches.


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