On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 2:55 PM, Tomas Vondra
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> Well, me to. But my feeling is the patch received entirely insufficient
> amount of thorough code review, considering how important part of the code
> it touches. I agree docs are an important part of a patch, but polishing
> user-level docs would hardly move the patch closer to being committable
> (especially when there's ~50kB of READMEs).

I have to admit that I was really hoping Tom would follow through on
his statement that he would look into this one, or that Dean Rasheed
would get involved.  I am sure I could do a good review of this patch
given enough time, but I am also sure that it would take an amount of
time that is at least one if not two orders of magnitude more than I
put into any patch this CommitFest.  I understand statistics at some
basic level, but I am not an expert on them the way some people here

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