Merlin Moncure <> writes:
> Any versioning system that removes subjective criteria is good.  These
> debates in interminable and always have been.

Yeah, I got bored of the topic after about 8.0 ;-)

> Personally I would go
> with something even more antiseptic like basing the version on the
> year, where year is defined at the 'point of no return' -- going beta
> for example.

I still don't like that much, and just thought of another reason why:
it would foreclose doing two major releases per year.  We have debated
that sort of schedule in the past.  While I don't see any reason to
think we'd try to do it in the near future, it would be sad if we
foreclosed the possibility by a poor choice of versioning scheme.

                        regards, tom lane

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