On 5/13/16 5:01 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
If we do decide to change the numbering strategy, there are quite a
few small details that probably ought to be fixed while we're at it.
I think it'd be a good idea to start separating "devel" or "betaN"
with a dot, for instance, like "10.devel" not "10devel".  But it's
likely premature to get into those sorts of details, since it's not
clear to me that we have a consensus to change at all.

It would be interesting to actually release snapshots after commit fests, ie: 10.dev.0, 10.dev.1, etc.

And +1 for ditching major.major.minor in favor of major.minor.0. It's high time we stop this silliness.

IMHO the beginning of parallelism that we have now is more than enough to justify 10.0, but that consideration pales compared to fixing the version numbering system itself.
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