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> ​And most of the time the choice of options is totally arbitrary based
upon the mood and experience of the user, so what's it matter if they saved
a few keystrokes and set the GUC in the .psqlrc​ file?
>> I'm predicting users that will have
>> trouble while using EXPLAIN if someone change the suggested GUC. It also
>> breaks clients/applications that parse EXPLAIN.
> ​Pretty much the same argument as above.​
> I would not expect a DBA to set this value globally - but shame on them
if they do.  I'd expect either ALTER ROLE or SET usage, in .psqlrc if
applicable, to be the dominate usage for setting the value to a non-empty
string.  There is UI to consider here but I don't see any fundamental

A GUC seems like overkill for psql. I have the following in my .psqlrc:

\set expall 'EXPLAIN (analyze, buffers, costs, timing, verbose) '

That lets you type

:expall select a, b from whatever;

For GUI tools like pgadmin you've often got built in explain tools anyway.

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