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Tom, Justin,

What if we supplied several sample .conf files, and let the user choose which to copy into the database directory? We could have a "high read performance" profile, and a "transaction database" profile, and a "workstation" profile, and a "low impact" profile. We could even supply a Perl script that would adjust SHMMAX and SHMMALL on platforms where this can be done from the command line.

This might have value as the next step in the process of:

a) Are we going to have better defaults?


b) Let's stick with the current approach.

If we decide to go with better (changed) defaults, we may also be able to figure out a way of having profiles that could optionally be chosen from.

As a longer term thought, it would be nice if the profiles weren't just hard-coded example files, but more of:

pg_autotune --setprofile=xxx

Or similar utility, and it did all the work. Named profiles being one capability, and other tuning measurements (i.e. cpu costings, disk performance profiles, etc) being the others.

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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